Our 2016-17 year-end gift to athletics was just determined!  

This is what it’s all about!  Our kids!  Our programs!  Our school!

Announcing the
Niles North Athletic Booster Club’s
 Contribution to Niles North Athletics 
Whether you were a member,
attended our Booster Bingo & Silent Auction,
were a corporate sponsor,
or supported our concessions,


Thanks to your generous support, the NNABC is thrilled to announce our year-end gift to athletics in the amount of…


Here’s how the funds will be used:

$4,000 will be used to help fund equipment for the new Niles North girls badminton team.

$3,652 will be used to purchase two shelter covers to help keep athletes and coaches warm and dry during inclement weather. These will benefit boys and girls soccer, football, and boys and girls track.

$2,300 will be used to purchase a top of the line tennis ball machine that will allow players to work on reaction skills and get accurate game shots.

$2,000 will be used to purchase a basketball shooting machine.  This machine known as “The Gun” can fire up to 1800 shots per hour and has an optional computerized scoreboard that counts and displays makes, total shots and shooting percentage.

$2,000 will be used to purchase a new customized Niles North backdrop to be used for photo opps. The current backdrop is wearing thin and needs to be replaced.

$1,200 will be used to purchase 4 safety pads customized with the Niles North logo for our volleyball net system.

$850 will be used to purchase a new bow net setting system for volleyball.  The size of the net can be adjusted to what players need to work on. Portable and easily transported in carrying bag (included).
$700 will be used to purchase an Excel Catch It  Volleyball Training Aide target that collects balls for more efficient use in drills. It’s multiple adjustments make it ideal for refining the skills of passing, serving, spiking and setting.
$550 will be used for professional quality pictures of our athletes in action and of our All Conference award recipients, state finalists, etc., to be displayed in the athletic entrance hallway.
$2,500 will be used toward replacing old picture frames and purchasing trophy cases or other necessities for the purpose of bringing school spirit and pride to our athletic entrance hallway.
$500 will be donated to the Dance Team for items that are outside of the team’s budget.
$3,000 will be donated to funding a new program at NNHS called Girls Play Sports (GPS).  GPS is a non-profit organization dedicated to building leadership skills and confidence in young girls through their exposure to and participation in a wide variety of sports at a young age. Our current female athletes would serve as mentors to young girls from the community who join the program.  The program would practice two sports per month, four months per year. Practices will be held at Niles North on Sunday nights from 4-6 pm so as not to interfere with other activities. Our athletes will receive service learning hours for their time and participation.

$5,000 will be used to purchase new competition hurdles for track & field.
$3,000 will be put aside to be combined with additional funds in 2017-18 for new scoreboards for baseball and softball.
$355 will be used to purchase 6 stretch cords for swimming. These cords are a versatile tool to use for developing strength and technique in the water and facilitate an entire swim workout if a pool is not readily available, or to use for a race warm-up when not allowed in the water before an event.
$600 will be used for the purchase of 6 cases of shells for track & field.
$500 will be used for the purchase of new compression uniforms for incoming freshmen interested in wrestling.
$150 will be used to purchase a video stabilizer for the football team.
$500 will be given to the Bowling Team for the purchase of new uniform tops.

TOTAL:  $30,357.00

But wait…
There’s more…
During the 2016-2017 school year, we were also able to fund:
P.E. Leaders Program
Scholarships to outstanding senior athletes
50/50 Revenue Sharing with teams who worked concessions
Dan Horyn Spirit Grant – Dance Team
Donation to various Cancer organizations from
tournaments/meets that were organized by Girls Basketball, Boys Baseball and Track & Field 
Annual Coaches Luncheon
$50 (decorations)
(lunch donated by Olive Garden)







In the previous four years, the Booster Club has given $163,621 to Niles North Athletics. Money raised through Memberships, Fundraising and Sponsorships enable the Club to:

  • fund scholarships to graduating outstanding senior-athletes;
  • donate money to teams;
  • give financial assistance so no student has to miss his/her banquet due to financial hardship;
  • provide emergency funding to the Athletic Department.
See our Support over the Years tab for a specific list
of our contributions from 2013-2016